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"Embark on a Flavour-Fuelled Journey with the Foodtopian Team!"


Rolling through the streets, the Foodtopian food truck isn't just a mobile eatery; it's a gateway to a world of gastronomic wonder. Behind the sizzling grills, the aromatic spices, and the vibrant colors of our dishes stands a team that's as diverse as our menu and as passionate as our flavors.

Lee (Driptopian)
Keith (Unmadesugar DeFi)
Scott (Scott the Invester)

  ​Lee (Driptopian)

  • Role: Co-founder, Operations & Compliance

  • Background: Lee is a seasoned entrepreneur with a background in business administration. He has successfully managed and launched several ventures in the past, showcasing his exceptional leadership and organizational skills. With a passion for culinary arts and a keen understanding of market trends, Lee saw an opportunity to combine his business acumen with his love for food by co-founding Foodtopian.

  • Expertise: Business strategy, operations management, financial planning

Keith (Unmadesugar DeFi)

  • Role: Co-founder, Developer & Designer

  • Background: Keith is a multifaceted entrepreneur who brings a unique blend of technical expertise and artistic flair to the food truck venture. With a background in Photography, Coding and a passion for design, Keith saw an opportunity to revolutionize the culinary scene by melding his skills in technology and creativity.

  • Expertise: Web and app development, graphic design, user experience

Scott (Scott the Invester)​

  • Role: Co-founder, Marketing & Strategy

  • Background: Scott brings a wealth of experience in marketing and brand management to the food truck team. With a background in the Marketing industry, Scott understands the importance of creating a strong brand identity and effectively reaching target audiences. His creativity and innovative thinking have contributed to the food truck's unique and appealing image.

  • Expertise: Marketing strategy, brand development, customer engagement

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